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Pop Matters - Best of 2018

The Stranger's Almanac - #1 Album of 2018

Shindig Music - Best Albums of 2018

B.G.M - Hidden Gems: Best Not on a List 2018

Notable Arkansas-related Albums of 2018

American Songwriter - 'Bird' Review

American Songwriter - Review and Video

Pop Matters - 'Bird' Review

Americana Highways - Interview

Wide Open Country - "King Snake" Video Premiere


50thirdand3rd - 'Bird' Review

Shindig Music - 'Bird' Review

Arkansas Times Interview

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Feature

American Songwriter - Top 50 Albums of 2014

Nine Bullets Favorite Albums of 2014

Arkansas Times - Top 10 Albums of 2014

Farce The Music Top 20 Albums of 2014

Alt Country (Netherlands) - Best Albums of 2014

Farce The Music Favorite Songs of 2104

AR Times - 15 Little Rock Artist You Should Know

Now Toronto - Show Review (w/Chuck Ragan)

Rampt - Show Review (w/Chuck Ragan)

Alt Country (Netherlands) - Blind Water Review

Rootstime (Belgium)

Pop Matters

Farce The Music

Guest Playlist - Arkansas Times

Ancient Chord Video - Arkansas Times

Ames Tribune

Ouachita High Country

Daytrotter 4/02/14

Audiotree 4/04/14

Adobe and Teardrops

American Songwriter 5/21/14

Fayetteville Flyer 5/18/14

Mass Live

Jackson Free Press

Fayetteville Flyer 2/28/14

Arkansas Times

The Burg

Nine Bullets

Paste Magazine

American Songwriter // The Muse Sampler

American Sogwriter // Billy Reid Sampler

American Songwriter // Q&A

Daytrotter Session

Arkansas Times // On His Way

Arkansas Times // Rock Candy

Arkansas Times // Show Me Magic

Fayetteville Flyer

High-res Photos

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